why build a passive house

Buildings make a significant contribution to the emissions responsible for climate disruption, largely because of the materials selected and the techniques used to build. The City of Toronto report on Greenhouse gas emissions found that 45 percent of GHG emissions in Toronto come from homes and buildings. It’s time for an industry-wide change. An energy-efficient passive home uses fewer fossil fuels, leaving a significantly smaller carbon footprint than that of a conventionally-built home.

We build homes at the speed and cost of conventional pre-fab models, but with a major innovation: they are high-performance and environmentally-friendly, meaning they are better for the health of the earth and the people who live in them. Our s.e.e.d. walls (or envelopes, as they’re called in the industry) start at R40 insulation. They have been engineered to be sustainable, ecological, efficient and durable. We also use locally-sourced, natural building materials whenever possible, including wood, cellulose, straw or wood fibre for insulation, which sequester carbon in the building instead of releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. 

why choose a Tooketree home


Tooketree homes are built with materials that have a low-embodied carbon load (the carbon dioxide and other GHGs emitted during the manufacture, transport and construction of building materials, together with end-of-life emissions). We use locally-sourced, natural building materials, including wood, cellulose, straw or wood fibre for insulation, which sequesters carbon during the building process, instead of releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. You can also choose to have your home certified as a Passive House, which means it meets passive house standards – the world’s most rigorous standard for energy efficiency and comfort.


Tooketree homes are free of cold drafts and room-to-room temperature variations. They stay a moderate, comfortable temperature in all seasons.


Tooketree selects building materials that have been proven to be among the safest and healthiest in the industry. The health of those who live in a Tooketree home is our priority; our homes are particularly well-suited to those with allergies and other environmental sensitivities.


A high-performance home is built for comfort, affordability and energy efficiency through all stages of design, construction, and livability. Our high-performance homes are made with factory-built Seed panels – which helps to ensure precision and high-quality construction standards. They are low-cost to operate and contribute to good indoor air quality. A passive house approach is like an R2000 house in many ways, except it is a hugeleap forward in terms of energy efficiency. A passive house reduces energy costs significantly and simplifies heating and cooling systems, making it affordable to build and significantly less costly to operate (heat and cool) than a code-built house. When compared to a Canadian code-built home, a passive home can be significantly less expensive to heat and cool.